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The sellers must keep selling throught DeepWeb. But the customers? No.

Many vendors have chosen to use DeepWeb to ensure their anonymity but invite customers to use DeepWeb as well.
The big difference from OrderBot is that sellers continue to use DeepWeb, but the same is not required for customers. They only need the Telegram App and do not need to access DeepWeb.
Your customers do not need to expose themselves by going to the danger zone or buying over the phone. Much less you.

Stay calm. Here you can sell any products or services anonymously with total security.

The web server, the telegram bot and litecoin are behind Tor and no one - not even us - have access to your personal information. We don't know what you sell, where or who you are. Not even your IP address, since you also use Tor to access us. We don't even use Javascript or Cookies (except session cookie to login) to give you more tranquility. The only information we have is your nickname and your Litecoin wallet address. So your customers can invite anybody to buy your goods and your anonimity will always be guaranteed.

OrderBot is a Telegram bot that sells confidential products and forwards the payments to you. And we charge only 1% of commission fee.

OrderBot doesn’t display your products or services, it only places the orders and forward payments for you. So you must provide some guidance to your customers

How it works for CUSTOMERS:

  • Customers only need Telegram App, no need to use Tor(Browser).
  • Tell them to add @HelloOrderBot in Telegram. (The ID, if changed, will be published at this site)
  • Inform your nickname to place order.
  • With these 2 information above, your customers only have to follow the instructions of @HelloOrderBot.
  • Your customers can invite anybody to order your goods but they never will know who you are.

How it works for SELLERS:

  • Sign up for the OrderBot site and set a seller nickname
  • The customer places the order for this nickname using a Telegram Bot. In other words, you should notify it only to people of confidence.
  • No information will be provided to them except the price and restriction of delivery. So you must personally inform them detailed info about your product/service and the quantity per order.
  • The customer completes the order using Telegram Bot and send the payment in Litecoin to the OrderBot's Litecoin address.
  • The seller delivers the goods as the payment is confirmed.
  • When the deliver is completed, the amount is transferred to seller's OrderBot account, available for withdraw when you reach the minimum transfer value (0.01 LTC)
  • OrderBot charges only 1% commission. But there will be the transaction fee charged by Litecoin. We use Litecoin by the lower fee than Bitcoin.

Despite this, you must take some precautions to deliver the goods and withdraw the balance.

OrderBot only receives the order and payment anonymously and the rest you're on your own. The security on delivery is at your own risk. After all, the way to ensure privacy can vary from one product or service to another. Unfortunately we can not help you at this stage.
You also must be careful to make exchange to your local currency or to another crypto-currency. It’s also up to you.

We will not notify you when a new order occurs.

You will not receive any alerts when a new order occurs. We have decided to not send you alerts for ensure your safety and anonymity and also because we don't have any contact of you. So you need to check periodically and manually on the website, at page PENDING DELIVERY. The customer info as Name and addres will be available only when the payment is confirmed and it's pending delivery. Once the delivery is completed it's deleted. So, althought not recommended, if you want to keep these data please create your own file with the customer's info. It's also in your own risk.

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Valid OrderBot URL to access using Tor(Browser).

  • http://x36tofjthu3mc225.onion/
  • http://wbhkfwps2n33wde6lw3ki4njikfie5ricqgfcjshi6rdmlxcrnsxtkid.onion/